Monday, October 24, 2016

I have been thinking about doing a portrait of Comrade V. S. Achuthanandan, ( or V.S. as we call him fondly, for quite some time. For a Keralite, V.S. is much more than just a political leader. He walked up straight into the very minds of modern-day Keralites and obtained such heights where others can seldom be. For more than 70 years he is the flag bearer of progressive politics and for last two decades he has been the symbol and voice of Malayalee conscience. His existence has been a breeze of relief for the common people and hellish flame for the corrupted. His name had become a nightmare to those who were selling our natural resources and land in the name of development. Many might have restrained themselves from committing fraudulent acts as they feared his mere presence. He always has been a fierce rival to corruption and injustice. Considering myself lucky to be born during this legend’s lifetime, I respectfully dedicate this portrait to him.