Friday, August 17, 2007

this is how it would appear once the light is on..!!

i was lucky enough to work along with mr. ISHU PATEL, an indian born animation director, now settled in canada. his films are very artistic and thought provoking. he also experiments with a verity of mediums such as BEADS, PLASTEZINE etc.
in my institute it is customary that students watch a lot of films, not only the main stream films, but experimental films as well. they also encouraged to experiment with as many mediums as they can.
this was an experiment done with plastezine to experience ISHU's technique, he used plastezine on a glass table with a light underneath, which produced a unique look to the film. i have done this to show case ISHU's Oscar nominated film 'TOP PRIORITY'.

these are taken by a student, while i was taking the constructive anatomy classes.


these are a few snaps from my clay modeling classes. students develop a greater sense of 'dimension' as a result of doing sculpting, where they could actually "feel" the depth.

these pictures are from my sculpting classes. these classes are right after the anatomy studies, and intented to instill a sence of "moulding" and "deapth" in their drawing.