Friday, February 27, 2009

This is an animated short done by my students. most of them have just got into animation studies a couple of months ago. i wanted my students to experience the film making and learn on the way. Slide 12
There ain’t a better way to learn film making, than making it..!!
The agony and ecstasy of the creation is something to be experienced.
Slide 12


i give a lot of importance to soft skills in my training. in a multi-cultural classroom it is important to bring up a sense of unity and togetherness in a group. this is done through interactive games and group tasks which is usually a lot of fun.. and quite a learning at the end.

You never outgrow drawing. It's so fundamental to any visual is much more true with animation since it is primarily a visual medium. it could be a greater advantage to an aspiring animator, because it would enable one to understand and recieve inputs in visual terms, and communicate later, VISUALLY..!