Monday, July 13, 2009

this is the first advertisement we have had for the training studio.

color style guide for the girls. colors are a bit too flashy, though.

These are the girls design i have done for SAM mobisodes. i am very particular about maintaining individualistic personalities for the designs i do.

SAM is a character we have developed at VaudeVille studios for mobisodes for
He is someone so hilarious and extremely flirt in nature. he believes that he is the ultimate lover in spite of the fact that he is insecure about it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

'VRIKSHA' represents 'BODHI VRIKSHA' where budha had his enlightenment, and i have chosen the name consciously to signify the fact that VRIKSHA ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS is established to enlighten the aspirant with knowledge.

I have established VaudeVille studios Pvt.Ltd. and its training studio VRIKSHA ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS in march 2009.
VaudeVille studios Pvt.Ltd. and Vriksha Academy of Media Arts is the result of all my experiences so far gathered and put together. Over the years, I have seen much of the industry, grown along with its growth and worked along with its best.
Incidentally, I was involved with Animation Training as there was a huge requirement in the studios for new talents, as it is the case even now. I would consider myself much lucky to have such an opportunity to mentor a great number of youngsters, who are an integral part of Animation Industry in the country today.
I have always felt the necessity for a complete Pro-Animation Art Academy which will, not only edify, inspire and evolve the aspirants in this wonderful art form to the fullest but also would mentor them in to the desired employability. I am proud to have established Vriksha Academy of Media Arts as an answer.