Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Dogs on the Prairie series were the one which helped me to sharpen my Animation skills more. This was a wonderful time as I was given an opportunity to work with some of the best Animation Artists that I have ever come across. John Griffin and Vincent Proce were among them.
These were christian moral stories, but with an interesting way of saying it. These Little Dogs on a Prairie town learns many lessons from their daily life incidents.

The next big one was for Tommy Nelson for a Christmas special Video release Called The Crippled Lamb. It is quite an inspiring story with a moral that God has a plan for everyone, no matter how Small or Unworthy you are. This is when the studio (Heart Entertainment, Hyderabad) turned Digital, with Digital Ink and Paint department. The film features good songs too.

The HISTERIA series by Warner Bros. was the first ever cartoonI have worked on. We have worked on a pilot first, 'Dawn of time' in which the Big Bang happens because Loud Kid, a character from the series shout aloud. There were a lot of interesting characters in the show, such as Father time, World's oldest women, Big Fat Baby, Miss Information, Aka Pella, Billy the Kid, Charity Bazar, Lucky Bob and many more..!!

Later, we have worked on "Scrapple at the Chapel" where the time is set during the renaissance period and a contest for the best artist of the time happens between DaVinci and Michael Angelo. That was done the traditional way on the cels, and was loads of fun..!!

A layout drawing done recently.