Friday, August 25, 2006

i had done this for the student mag while i was in padmalaya - zica, an institute that i was working with. it was titled " look up, son...look up". guess what? i am the senior sailor shouting the words of wisdom to the panic junior..!!

another demonstration on life drawing.. since modelling for an artist is not a job people can opt for, its really hard to find good models who has good muscular structure. so, this is the best we could get.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

this was a demonstration to my students on life study.

a sketch o' mine..which i didnt like much, cause the male figure looks too inferior to the dominating female form.

these are a couple of paintings i have done, ten year back. i had made a series of paintings on my native scenary and life.

this one i have done for my mom..actually i was planning it for a long time. didnot get enough time between my busy schedules. alas, i could complete it. when i had presented it to her, she was more than happy..and thats what matters..!!