Thursday, November 23, 2006

an old sketch o'mine. i used to do a lot of fantasy sketches before animation. still love to do a lot of them. cant get enough time.

if you ever believed that your drawings cannot improve no matter what, i suggest you to copy from masters. especially MICHAEL ANGELO..your figure drawings would not look like the same me on this.

i still draw a lot of him..never cant get enough..!!

MICHAEL ANGELO has a very significant role in my artistic skills. i was an average student when i was doing my art classes, and i came across a national geographic mag which had a special report on the restoration at sistine chappel. and there where a lot of pictures of michael angelo...!! it gave me shivers when i saw those wonderful creations.. student that i was couldnt belive that it is humanly possible to do like what he did. this has changed my life forever..!!

this is a recent sketch done for my students..the displayed version in the classroom has the dialogue "SWITCH IT OFF...FREAK", because many of them forget to switch off their light on the animation table.