Monday, October 05, 2009

Another painting done on the native subject

An old painting of my native.


The finished picture..!!

And finishing it with final touches...

and..light and high lights..

Doing the shadows, shades and the middle tones..

Blocking the contours and forms...

I use a very basic palette when it comes to paint figures. reds, yellows and blues..

This is a portrait study that i have done back in 2006. the model is my student Amit Kare. He was patient enough to stay the time it took.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Some of the illustrations done for a series called 'kaama' means 'Desire' up on a friend's request. These freehand drawings were done with pen and ink.


Monday, July 13, 2009

this is the first advertisement we have had for the training studio.

color style guide for the girls. colors are a bit too flashy, though.

These are the girls design i have done for SAM mobisodes. i am very particular about maintaining individualistic personalities for the designs i do.


SAM is a character we have developed at VaudeVille studios for mobisodes for
He is someone so hilarious and extremely flirt in nature. he believes that he is the ultimate lover in spite of the fact that he is insecure about it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have established VaudeVille studios Pvt.Ltd. and its training studio VRIKSHA ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS in march 2009.
VaudeVille studios Pvt.Ltd. and Vriksha Academy of Media Arts is the result of all my experiences so far gathered and put together. Over the years, I have seen much of the industry, grown along with its growth and worked along with its best.
Incidentally, I was involved with Animation Training as there was a huge requirement in the studios for new talents, as it is the case even now. I would consider myself much lucky to have such an opportunity to mentor a great number of youngsters, who are an integral part of Animation Industry in the country today.
I have always felt the necessity for a complete Pro-Animation Art Academy which will, not only edify, inspire and evolve the aspirants in this wonderful art form to the fullest but also would mentor them in to the desired employability. I am proud to have established Vriksha Academy of Media Arts as an answer.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Big John with his Emmy..!!

Mr. John McClennahan, my mentor who was the founder director of StarToons International LLC Homewood, IL, Chicago. Three Emmy Awards, twenty-eight years in the animation industry, and thirteen years heading the largest 2D animation studio in the Midwest (USA); production experience in the U.S., Australia, and Germany, with a passion for revitalization of the animation industry
as a whole.
StarToons’ success as a North American animation production house in the late 20th century was remarkable. In the face of harrowing competition from Pacific Rim studios, StarToons built an esteemed international reputation within the (primarily) West Coast industry, and during this time he personally earned three Emmy Awards as well as four nominations as a director for Warner Bros series. As a TV-series production house, StarToons was the only studio in the US in the last 20 years to be able to cope with the heavy demands of TV budget-and-deadline constraints. startoons was proud to have helped establish the first and best world-class animation studio in India – Heart Animation Studio in Hyderabad, founded in
1997. StarToons provided the necessary expertise, curriculum, and supervision to make them a viable production source in the world today.

i was lucky to share a few days with Mr. Ishu Patel, an indian born canadian film maker and academy award nominated director. what an amazing man, with immense knowledge and experience, and yet so down to earth and natural as a man of his caliber can be..!!

Being with students, whether it is inside a classroom or out door, is always a pleasurable experience for me. it gives me immense pleasure to be subjected to their queries and sharing the knowledge. whatever i have learned over the years seems to be multiplying when i share it out with them.

Friday, February 27, 2009

This is an animated short done by my students. most of them have just got into animation studies a couple of months ago. i wanted my students to experience the film making and learn on the way. Slide 12
There ain’t a better way to learn film making, than making it..!!
The agony and ecstasy of the creation is something to be experienced.
Slide 12


i give a lot of importance to soft skills in my training. in a multi-cultural classroom it is important to bring up a sense of unity and togetherness in a group. this is done through interactive games and group tasks which is usually a lot of fun.. and quite a learning at the end.

You never outgrow drawing. It's so fundamental to any visual is much more true with animation since it is primarily a visual medium. it could be a greater advantage to an aspiring animator, because it would enable one to understand and recieve inputs in visual terms, and communicate later, VISUALLY..!